Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Engineer Battleframe


Engineer Battleframe

Engineer Battleframe Firefall

The Engineer Battleframe relies more heavily on help from robotic minions for dealing with enemies than his own weapon damage. Engineers serve as more of a support class than anything else with a plethora of abilities that are used to help a team secure objectives, but can still throw down with the help of his turrets.

Engineer Battleframe:

HP: 1250


Repair Gun - The Engineers guns rarely do very much damage, but are capable. They are medium to low damage weapons. Primary use is really to repair your robots and abilities.


Turret: The Engineer Battleframe summons a turret that shoots at enemies that are in your SIN. This is your primary damage dealing ability.

Forcefield: The Engineer Battleframe lays down a force field that blocks enemy bullets. Friendly players can fire and pass through the force field.

Repair Station: This station is a lifesaver in PvP and PvE. The Engineer Battleframe lays a station that heals allies around it and charges ammo and energy.

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